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New Web site connects Turner Fenton Campus to the world
Turner Fenton Campus
Brampton, Ontario

By Daniel (grade 10)

It seems as though everyone has a home page on the Internet these days, and now, the Turner Fenton Campus in Brampton, Ontario has one too. "We have a site designed by the students for the students, with teacher guidance," says Susan Hughes, one of the staff sponsors of the project.

The Turner Fenton Web site is an ambitious project that brings up-to-date information about the school to everyone around the world. The site showcases creative student work including digital artwork, creative writing and course projects. It also includes useful information about school policies, program information, staff biographies and an E-mail link to TFC. "We want the page to cover all aspects of TFC and appeal to everyone," says Hughes.

The site is accessible from within the school on 50 computers linked through the Peel Board of Education. Senior journalism students cover school events with stories and digital pictures which are uploaded to the site bi-weekly. Important stories are posted as bulletins the day they happen. Information on the site changes regularly to maintain high interest and to adapt to changing needs of students and the school community.

Teacher Mary Hicky, the leader of the project, worked long hours on the Web site this summer and managed to get the site up and running in August. Hickey had to solve a few design problems. The site doesn’t have the desired look yet but staff and stude nts are working on it constantly.The address of the Turner Fenton Web site is:

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