Eliot River Elementary
Eliot River Elementary
Cornwall, Prince Edward Island

By Bryan (Grade 5)

Eliot River School is located in the town of Cornwall, on Prince Edward Island, the smallest province in Canada. P.E.I. has many industries like its world-famous potatoes and seafood. P.E.I. also has beautiful beaches.

Soon, it will be easier to get to P.E.I. because we're building a Fixed Link. It will be the longest bridge in the world over an ice span.

When you're on the Island, you may want to visit Eliot River School and it's 10,000-foot Dream Park.

Eliot River just might be the best and safest school in Atlantic Canada because it has the hands-off and new detention policy. Eliot River has about 410 students altogether.

In our school, we have a cross-country running club that will participate in the Running Meet at Fort Amherst and U.P.E.I. Last year, our team won the provincials. We also have a track and field team. We also are champions in this event because of our 4x100 meter relay team last year.

In our school, we have choir and recorder groups that will be starting soon. We have our own soccer team, the U-13 Ramblers, who came in second place in two tournaments in 1996.

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