Canada Will Remember

Eugene Vaters Collegiate
St. John's, NF

By Allison (Grade 12)

Canadian War Monuments. We see these in each province and territory in Canada. These monuments serve as a reminder of the price that Canadians before us paid to preserve our democracy. Unfortunately, many of these monuments are falling into a state of disrepair. Just as those preceding us laboured diligently to give Canadians the freedom that we have today, we will work together to preserve the monuments which represent them.

Recently, Industry Canada and SchoolNet have helped to make the preservation of these monuments possible. Their goal is to make available through digital preservation, a collection of Canada's memorials through the World Wide Web.

Eugene Vaters Collegiate (St. John's, Newfoundland) has been chosen to collect the data. Our school will be putting together any information which is sent from other schools. Other schools across Canada are asked to get involved in this great project. One school from each province and territory is needed to aid in the collecting of information. When selected, you will be asked to collect such material as; the history, photos, and artistic characteristics, information about the people in your community, stories related to the monuments, and other interesting and relevant facts.

To have your school participate in this project, e-mail the Canadian War Monuments Project ( a 200 word explanation as to why your school would be a good choice to collect information for us in your province or territory.

Each participating school will receive a small amount of funding to aid with the collection of data and is expected to cooperate (where possible) with organizations such as Veterans Affairs and the Royal Canadian Legion. These organizations can be a great help in verifying the accuracy of your collected information.

We currently have two schools (Harvey High School, Harvey Station, NB, and LaSelle Secondary School, Kingston, ON) that are collecting information, and we wish to have more as soon as possible. If you are interested or just have some questions, feel free to drop us a note at:, or visit our web site at: When contacting us, please include your school name and address (don't forget the postal code) and phone number. Also include a name and address of a contact person or representative from your school.

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