The "Perfect" Teen Girl vs the Real Teen Girl

By Sarah King
Amalgamated Academy
Bay Roberts, NF

How many seventeen-year-olds among us are millionaires? How many seventeen-year-olds have sold upwards of five million records? But here's the real zinger. How many seventeen-year-olds among us have breast implants? Probably not many.

But for pop "diva" Britney Spears, taking in millions of dollars for her five-time platinum album ...Baby one More Time is a way of life. So are breast implants.

Every time a girl opens the cover of a teen-projected magazine, turns on the TV or walks in to a cinema, she is bombarded with images of models and celebrities with their perfect bodies, perfect teeth and so-called "perfect" lives.

To achieve Britney Spears' "perfect" image; girls would have to fork out thousands of dollars:

Breast implants/reduction -- approx. $10,000
Dental work -- approx. $ 3000
Personal trainer -- approx. $100 per session
Designer Wardrobe -- approx. $10,000
Plus the things that money can't buy like singing ability and celebrity status.

Not many average teens can shell out over $23, 000.

Why would anyone want breast implants? To achieve a perfect image. A perfect image. Hmm, what's that? By today's standards, anyone who is taller than 5'8" or weighs more than 120 pounds, has any other hair color than blonde or brunette or wears glasses is not considered perfect.

What is a perfect life? To most, a perfect life is being beautiful, having a big house, lots of money, servants, the latest in designer clothes, a good-looking husband/boyfriend and some kind of talent that will provide you with enough money to retire in ecstasy and then have some left over to burn. Many of the TV actors and actresses that appear perfect have struggled with drug and/or alcohol abuse. You can be perfect on the outside but on the inside, you can struggle with depression or low self-esteem.

To me, being perfect means that you are ‘real', you feel good about yourself, you have a sense of humour, and you get along well with others. If you have all these things then you are perfect. No matter what anyone else thinks.