Relationships stay strong through the bad times

By Chelina Woods
École Saint-Anne
Mainland, Newfoundland

A relationship is the strongest partnership, one that is built up by trust, respect, and loyalty. It's a friendship that grows between two individuals.

But not all relationships are happy and successful. They could start off good but then later lead to heartache for the simple fact that their mate or friend is not the same gentle, loving person he or she was in the beginning.

Parent relationships seem to be the worst. It seems as though when you are young, you don't understand your parents. They seem to be very controlling. But in later years, you realize or you find yourself saying and doing the same things they said to you.

Relationships between all members of the family are based on honesty, forgiveness and understanding. It is a process which can take time for some families but which can come so naturally and easy for others.

A relationship between you and your family, friends, pets, teachers, dentist and so on is a special bond that you share for each another. It's a bond in which you cherish and care for and won't let anyone take away from you.

If there are negative elements of a relationship, such as jealousy, alcohol, drugs, abuse or gambling, they can effect a relationship so deeply that you wouldn't won't anything else to do with the person.

But in the future, you'll still see yourself helping that person because that bond which is called a relationship will bring you back together one way or another.


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