Teens face mounting peer pressure

By Pamela Oliver
École-Ste Anne
Mainland, Newfoundland

Peer pressure is one of the most common problems among teens and it has an extraordinary impact on teenage life today.

If sometimes you don't give in to teenage pressure, you will become an outcast or a ``chicken``. Most teens are pressured by their peers. It takes one leader to bring a problem to a group of teens. There are many types of peer pressures such as alcohol, teenage sex, vandalism or stealing and drugs.

Many teenagers think that to have a good time, you need alcohol. It takes one person to make alcohol sound fun. Many teens drink alcohol not because they like it, but they feel the need to fit in.

Sex is another area where teens face peer pressure. Many times, guys have sex at an early age because it makes them look more mature. Girls, on the other hand, are pressured by their boyfriend to engage in sexual intercourse before they are ready or know the consequences.

Most of the time, vandalism or stealing may be associated with drugs or alcohol. For example, break and entry can be linked to teens looking for money to buy drugs or alcohol. Most of the time, teens lose privileges because of such behaviour.

In addition to these other issues, I feel that drugs are one of the most dangerous and powerful pressures facing teenagers today.

Peer pressure can not only effect the teenage years, it can also effect young people's outlook on the future.


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