Zodiac girls live it up

GardenValley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Viola Reimer

If the Zodiac girls' soccer team keeps up their "professional-looking" performances and continue their energetic playing, they will breeze their way to the provincials.

Without one loss this season and a first-place victory in last week Saturday's (September 13) tournament, these girls are making their future bright. In the first game of the tournament vs. Morden, the Zodiacs won 2-0 and, in the championship game, they defeated Stonewall 1-0. Following the tournament, Arlene G., the Zodiac's goalkeeper, exclaimed, "We're rockin'!".

Many rookies (including sr 1's - sr 4's) have contributed to the Zodiac team with their "high-energy playing, being aggressive and not being afraid to fight the opposition for the ball." While veterans and rookies alike keep up their physical endurance, great dribbling, and outstanding defensive play, they are also improving their passing skills and on-field communication. With improvements being made to this year's team, the opposition doesn't seem to be coming on strong. "I've only had very few shots on net," replied Arlene.

Apparently, the Zodiac girl's team is well-known for their fair, sportsmen-like playing. "We shake hands and wish the opposition good luck before we start each game, and also apologize to injured or angry opposition," comments Arlene.

Few injuries, good weather, and good field conditions have contributed a great deal for the season so far.

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