A great way to have fun

GardenValley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Tony W.

Do you want to have fun and praise God, too? Then ISCF is waiting for you. In your school, ISCF stands for Inter-School Christian Fellowship. "It's a weekly gathering for Christians and non-Christians to have a great time and learn more about God," says enthusiastic Vice-President of ISCF, Rae B.

What happens at each session depends on the week. The schedule is an array of bible studies, fun events like a puppet show and guest speakers.

Like any 4H or Scout club, they have a designated theme for both semesters. "For the first semester, our theme is 'Living in the Now,'" proudly states Rae, "Where we are supposed to live out our Christian lives now ... because you don't know what's going to happen tomorrow." Semester 2's theme has not yet been decided.

The theme is not decided by one person but by all the executive members of ISCF in Garden Valley Collegiate.

Recently, Garden Valley Collegiate's ISCF held a kick-off. They played games with guest speaker, Pete Deerborne, and enjoyed a campfire complete with canned drinks and doughnuts.

If you compare Garden Valley Collegiate with the other high schools in Morden and Altona, G.V.C. has a very large group. The plans of each group are very similar because of the regular meetings with the other schools where they get the chance to bounce off ideas with other ISCF executives.

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