"Get involved ... be part of this act of creation"
-- Irene Schmidt

GardenValley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Cindy W.

GVC students will be presenting "The Snow Goose" for this year's fall drama. Director, Mrs. Irene Schmidt, has scripted the short novel which will be presented as a collective creation.

Announcement of the up-coming play was made Friday, September 16. A number of students have already expressed an interest in taking part in the much-anticipated drama. Since it is usually not a problem recruiting enough students for the cast, Schmidt predicts that the turn-out will be similar to previous years.

Goals to work towards for the fall drama are basic, yet necessary for success. By working as a team and taking intelligent risks, Schmidt hopes simply "to tell the story of 'The Snow Goose' - with love".

"Seeing a play take shape is the most rewarding part," comments Schmidt, "you take the words off a page and, as you work with them on stage, you just see the story take a life of its own, and the neat part of it is that each actor on stage brings themselves and their own interpretation to that part .. so you can have the same play, two different casts put it on, and it'll be two different plays."

Watching a play taking shape and coming together is definitely very rewarding but it's not only what happens during the actual play that's exciting. Schmidt recalls, "Any drama I've ever been involved in, I've always experienced that wonderful sense of, this is us, this is like a family putting it (the drama) on. We all work hard."

When asked what advice she would give to students interested in becoming involved in drama, Mrs. Schmidt answered without hesitation, "Get involved - don't stand back." Auditions for "The Snowgoose" are to be held September 22 and 23, and they hope to begin rehearsing on Sept. 29. Performances are presently scheduled for November 6, 7, and 8 in the GVC bandroom.

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