G.V.C. track: Almost in full stride

GardenValley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Chad L.

The G.V.C. track is almost ready! The highly-touted track club will soon be able to practice on an elite track.

After the lines are painted, the track, itself, will be completed. It should be done by the end of the fall, while the long jump pits should be done by spring.

The new track was needed because of the old track's unreliable limestone surface that was breaking apart, resulting in a poor training facility. The track had been there for 30 years, ever since the opening of the school.

Construction on the new track began in the fall of '96. Completed construction includes excavation, fabric divider, drainage, the infield being put back in with 500 yards of seeded top soil, and asphalt put on as the top layer of the track.

Funding for the facility was put together by the community. The town and School Division both supplied $25,000, the Student Council raised $10,000, and the workday brought up $8,000. Grants were given, totaling $95,000. The rest of the money was donated.

G.V.C.'s track facility is already attracting other schools. The Zone 4 Championships are being held at G.V.C., not to mention Junior High meets.

The track was constructed by Maple Leaf Construction from Winnipeg. The infield was done by Pembina Landscaping, and the design was put together by IDG Stanley Inc.

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