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No lounges: no place to call home

GardenValley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Annie T.

"Lounges are a privilege, not a right," is a phrase with a familiar ring to the Senior 3's and 4's at Garden Valley Collegiate. The lounge issue is once again a hot topic after the lounges were taken away after the first day of the 97-98 school year.

Lounge privileges were taken away due to the mess left at the end of the day. Food and other garbage left behind in the lounges is unacceptable for Senior 3's and 4's, according to vice-principal, Mr. Dan Giesbrecht. The mess makes unnecessary work for the janitors and also poses a fire hazard.

Reports of a food fight were also a factor in closing down the lounges. This, too, is unacceptable behaviour coming from students.

Mr. Giesbrecht explained, "There are a few people with a lack of consideration, who ruin it for the others." There was only a small amount of students actually involved in the food fight and their actions were not tolerated. Mr. Giesbrecht noted that many students really care about, and respect, the lounges and do use them appropriately.

Another reason Mr. Giesbrecht and Mr. Redekop, the principal, did not hesitate to revoke the privileges is because of excessive noise coming from the lounges. The noise has been a major problem for many years for the classes situated across from the lounges. "It is also due to the lack of co-operation over the years that lounge privileges were revoked," added Mr. Giesbrecht. "A situation like this are nothing new in GVC," he said. There is little hesitation to close down the loungs due to mess and excessive noise.

With the lounges being closed, more of the students have resorted to the corner as a gathering place during breaks, spares and lunches. Others make their way home or can be seen in the nearby restaurants. Mr. Giesbrecht noted that the lounges are "good for school spirit when they are working well." Lounges are good places for students in a grade to grow closer.

The question, "how do we get the lounges back?", has been in the minds of many frustrated senior three and four students since August 28th. Student Council Vice-President Kristen F. said, "We were told that the ball's in our court." Kristen, along with other student council members, are planning to hold a meeting.

Kristen adds that the process has been "very depressing, since the students who could help the most in getting the lounges back don't really care." This is a reference to the students involved in the food fight. When asked how soon the lounges could be given back, she answered, "hopefully by the end of next week," which would be the week of the 22nd to the 26th.

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