Students pick between jobs and homework

GardenValley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Andrina E.

Many students at Garden Valley Collegiate have jobs during the school year and manage to get most homework done.

Few students feel that their grade averages are not affected by their jobs. Arlene G., a senior four student, who only works ten to fifteen hours a week, mentions, "The fact that I play hockey makes it more difficult to do homework, not my job."

More teenagers feel that their grade averages are lower because their jobs take up a lot of their homework time. When asked how the situation could be improved, Nancy F., senior 4, who works twenty to twenty-five hours a week, says, "It can't, I'd have to quit my job."

Some teachers do try to help out by giving the students options for test dates, and other assignments, allowing the students to make more class deadlines.

However, most teachers do not allow homework extensions. This includes students with jobs. The majority of students do not think that this is fair. "They [teachers] don't know what it's like to go to school, go to work, and then do homework," says Nancy F.

This leaves any spare class in school a privilege. While Arlene G. agrees, Nancy F. explains, "I do my homework during spare classes, and I try to use my time wisely."

Good advice for anyone with a job.

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