GVC Forms Advisory Council
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By: Terry (Grade 12)

Garden Valley Collegiate (GVC) in Winkler has taken a major step forward in the area of getting parents and community leaders involved with activities at the school. Like many other Manitoba schools, it has formed an Advisory Council which will assist the local administration with decisions that directly affect the school.

The GVC Advisory Council is made up of eleven members and includes six parents or community members, three teachers, the high school principal, and the student council president. Like most councils, the leadership of the new advisory group is organized with a president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer. The Council's primary purpose is to give advice and assist the school administration in matters that concern the collegiate. It is helping with the current production of the musical "Oklahoma," which will be staged at the school early in November. It is also assisting with fundraising for a new outdoor track, an ambitious project which is now being built to meet provincial athletic standards.

The Advisory Council replaces the former PTA (Parent-Teacher Association). It encourages parents as well as interested community members to voice their opinions. Although the parent and community members of the Advisory Council are elected, all parents are welcome to attend the Council meetings.

A particular strength of the new Advisory Council is that it offers school administrators a wider range of perspectives and opinions than were available from the previous PTA organization. The Student Council President is able to voice the opinions and concerns of the GVC student body, an important feature since many of the Council's decisions will affect students directly.

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