Let us be heard
Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific
Victoria, British Columbia

Kumi (grade 12)

B.C. Student Voice is a group of people who choose to recognize the importance of addressing the needs of students and making the best of their twelve years of public education. The semiannual meetings are important in providing a vehicle for such recognition, and a place for students to cry, "Let us be heard!"

The semiannual meetings of the B.C. Student Voice are essential in fulfilling the mission statement: to address the needs and concerns of students by strengthening, at all levels, the links among students and their partners in education.

The meetings provide an initial opportunity for students and their partners in education to build a network and to review some of the materials put forth. For example, at our March ‘96 meeting, the opportunity was given to comment on the B.C. Life Skills program put forth by Rick Hansen and the Draft Credentialling Policy put forth by the B.C. Ministry of Education. Their purpose is to review the new programs and curriculums, making sure they appeal to us and meet our needs. They have also had the opportunity to give input into the Student Leadership Resource Package that will be seen by students all over BC this fall. The customer comment card is a well used concept, the Voice meetings are merely an adaptation to this concept catering to the customers of education.

Evidently, the BC Student Voice meetings strengthen the communication lines between the ministry, the administrators, the teachers, the community, the school boards and the students. The meetings provide opportunity for project and committee updates. For example, a student representative on the Education Advisory Council reports on their progress. The networking comes in as part of the provincial and regional planning. Members of the Voice then have the opportunity to share experiences and project ideas centering around social issues, spirit raising activities, the provincial leadership conference and methods of extending the goals of the B.C. Student Voice beyond small groups and out into all corners of the province.

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