Online launch of SNN informative
Crescentview School
Portage la Prarie, Manitoba

By Jessica and Andrea (grade )

On September 30, Crescentview School participated in an on-line chat to kick-off the on-line magazine called SchoolNet News. Crescentview students spoke to Dr. Jon Gerrard, on the topic of technology in schools. Participating also were people in grades 9-12 from schools across Canada. Despite technical difficulties on everyone’s part, the chat went rather well. Crescentview students asked him [Dr.Gerrard] "How can we ensure that all schools have an equal opportunity access to the Internet?"

He replied, "We have several challenges. One of those is to ensure that costs for accessing the Internet are low. Second, to make sure that schools are able to use technology to best advantage. Third, to make sure there are enough computers in schools. All this means it is not always simple, but we are trying hard in various ways - for example the computers for schools programs and SchoolNet to help schools."

The chat was a very good idea. Problems may have occurred because people were not accustomed to what was going on, and, some computers were not set up right. Once people learn to work a little better with technology, things will be able to run a lot smoother.

Those who particpated hope SNN continues to do things like this because it was very informative. On behalf of all those who attended the on-line launch, we would like to thank Dr. Jon Gerrard for taking the time to talk to us.

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