Bonaventure Meadows Gets Full Time Science and Technology Teacher
Bonaventure Meadows P.S.
London, Ontario

By Alicia and Brianna, (grade 6 )

Have you heard the news? Well if you haven't, the big news is that Bonaventure Meadows P.S. finally has a full time Science and Technology Teacher. We have all heard the famous sayings: "Thanks for sharing, my life is now complete." and "Excuse me, lips moving, still talking!" Her name is Ms. Karen Edgar. She was born on July 16, 1964.

We asked Ms. Edgar what she likes to do with her free time. She replied, "I like to read, play on the computer and to play sports."

We asked her how she got the position and how she feels about being the first Science and Tech teacher.

What made you decide to consider taking the job? "I taught grade 7/8 for a long time and it was time for a change. When Mr. Cunningham asked me if I would be interested in teaching this course, I said yes."

How do you feel about taking on this position? "I find that it is a big change because I am dealing with different aged students and a larger number of children but I'm still excited and I'm really enjoying it. It is a good way to get to know all the students from grades 1 to 8."

What College did you go to? "I went to Western and Laval."


What Degrees do you have? "I have a BA (Bachelor of Arts) in English, French and a Masters in Education."

What project would you most like to do in your class? "I want to come up with an Invention Convention where students come up with their own inventions."

What are the projects you would like to do through out the year? "I would like to have a Fight Experiment, an Exploration in Building Materials, Desk Top Publishing and Foods and Nutrition. I would like to do Woodworking, Sewing, and Land Yachts. I also would like to do Kites, an Invention Convention, Medieval tools, electricity and electronics. I would also like to do Video Editing and lots more."

Do you miss teaching a 7/8 class? "In some ways I do, because the younger students do not understand my jokes!"

Why is Science and Tech so important? "Science and Tech is important because the things they are learning now will be important for the jobs they will have later on."

Do you think we will have more technology around the world in one year? "Yes I do because technology changes everyday!" Ms. Edgar's one and only wish is, "When everything is said and done I made a difference." We are all looking forward to a year full of magical creations!!!

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