"Coyote" Kevin marks Year 2000 with cross-Canada run

By Jean-Jérôme Doucet
RDR Editor
Charlesbourg, Quebec

Kevin Thomson, also known as Coyote Kevin, has decided to launch his own project for the arrival of the year 2000.
It's a simple idea but a daring endeavour: to run across Canada, from Vancouver, British Columbia to St. John's, Newfoundland, with his special bicycle named RoadRunner. It means he has to travel approximately 7,800 kilometres from start to finish. Thomson is not trying to raise money for a cause -- he simply wants to collect greetings and stories from Canadians he meets along the way.

The RoadRunner 

  How is he doing that? Thomson is running on the road while pushing his RoadRunner at the same time. No gears: it's a leg job! Most of his equipment is stored in a box behind him. Look at the picture below and imagine yourself in his place!

The designer and manufacturer of the RoadRunner is a B.C. bike manufacturer called Yess. Check out his site on the Internet at:

Thomson started his trip on March 17 in Vancouver and he hopes to reach St. John's a few days after Christmas. He will be included in the New Year's ceremony in St. John’s which will be broadcast live throughout North America. Thomson will arrive on stage with the post cards he's collected from all across Canada.

Kevin Thomson starts his trip with a visit to City Hall, Vancouver, B.C, on March 17, 1999.

Thomson has his own webpage, where anybody can get a lot of information on him and be informed all the times about his progress on the road. If you are interested, visit this address:

Kevin at Le Sommet, Charlesbourg,
Quebec. October 5th 1999

When Thomson stopped in Quebec City, I had the chance to interview him. Using RealPlayer, you can listen to what he had to say about his trip.



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