Students react to sex scandal in the White House

By Adrian Enns
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba


The well-known story of President Bill Clinton's sex scandal has gotten the whole United States of America into an uproar.

Some Americans do not care that Clinton has been sexually promiscuous, but many of them do believe that the President has committed a crime and should be impeached. These people are very disgusted by the way that their leader has acted, and many do not think he should lead a nation as big and powerful as the U.S.A.

Many Republicans want the President to resign and to spare the country the trauma of impeachment. However, Clinton appears to believe the American public still stands behind him.

To find out what young people think, a group of students at Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler, Manitoba organized surveys in their own school and in high schools in British Columbia and Fargo, North Dakota.

The survey asked students whether or not U.S. President Clinton should be impeached. At Garden Valley Collegiate, 70 percent of those responding said yes, 17 percent said no, and 13 percent chose not to express an opinion. At Columneetza Secondary School in Williams Lake, British Columbia, 41 percent of students responding favoured impeachment, 41 percent were opposed, and 18 percent opted not to respond.

The same survey was conducted with 101 students in Fargo South High School in North Dakota, under the direction of Robert Hendricks, a well-known American journalism teacher. The results were as follows: 55 percent thought Clinton should not be impeached, 35 percent thought he should be, and ten percent did not wish to express their opinion. Hendricks reported that the students participating in the survey were in grades 10-12, and the number of males and females were close to equal.

One Minnesota school contacted indicated they were tired of the whole story and did not wish to discuss the issue any further.


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