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Irish president urges students to connect online

Students from Newfoundland and Ireland paired up over the Internet to work on an animation project and display the finished product during a visit from the Irish president to St. John's.
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CBC commentator shares vision of leadership with students

Rex Murphy has some simple advice for students who want to be leaders -- believe strongly in your ideas and communicate that passion to other people's minds and
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Alberta student shares strategies for leadership

Alicia Lauersen, a junior high school student from Alberta, took centre stage at the Newfoundland and Labrador Student Leadership Conference and shared her experiences in the fight against child
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Student activist tries to end child labour

Imagine that you are three years old. Your parents are drowning in debt, their only chance of survival is to sell you to a carpet factory.

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Students ponder life in a corporate-driven world

Young people attending the annual general meeting of the Council of Canadians are looking for ways to counter the messages they get every day from the corporate world.
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Students show off web site to Microsoft president

Three Ontario students had the chance to meet one of the biggest names in the computer world and show him a web page that they had designed

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      The Lord's Prayer still welcome in Manitoba school
"Please stand for ‘O Canada,' scripture and prayer."
Those are the words that Garden Valley Collegiate students hear over the school intercom each morning.
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Community plans for Safe Grad in wake of tragedy
About 150 people from the community of Winkler gathered for a meeting earlier this month to talk about the safety of graduating students and their "after-grad" celebrations, following the death of a student last June.
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      Forum for Young Canadians approaching quickly
Preparations for the annual Forum for Young Canadians are underway all over Canada.
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Visitors trek through maze on farmer's field
Although mazes are an ancient idea, the cornfield variety was introduced to Canada this year by Adrian Fisher, the world's leading maze designer.
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