My story of sniffing gas

Nukum Mani Shan School
Davis Inlet, Newfoundland

By Tara (Grade 10)

I first tried it when I was 12 years old.
My friends were just showing me how to do it.
I didn't try it but when I was 14 I sniffed for the
first time. When I started to sniff for a long time,
I use to feel I was angry all the time.
Because I use to misunderstand what people were saying
and the people I sniff with.
I use to get scared like I felt paranoid like someone was
watching me. Every since I sniffed for a long time.
I started to get sick and I was losing my weight because
I couldn't eat. I thought it was fun but it wasn't.
When I imagine things that was the only time it was
fun. I use to feel that I was powerful and I wanted to
escape from my problems and I didn't want to think about
my childhood. When people get upset at me.
and I thought that people would care so much about me if I did
it. All my friends were do it and some of them still do. I didn't want to feel left out.
So I wasn't so happy what I did.
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