Starting a new life

Nukum Mani Shan School
Davis Inlet, Newfoundland

By: Tara (Grade 10)

Davis Inlet is being relocated to Sango Pond. It's not so far it takes only one hour to get there by the boat. The people of this community want to move all at once. They don't want people to move different times. They will all move same time in five years.

Innu people had a meeting with the government about trying to build a new community. The government agree to let Innu people move. They gave the Innu people $85 million dollars to build a new community. The signing ceremony will take place on November 13/96. People want to move because they want better conditions, like better running water. The government didn't choose the island for the Innu people where they should move. The Innu people decided where to build the new community.

They want to move because they want a better life for their children and something for them to do. So they won't sniff gas as much as the other kids are now. They want to start a new life. Once there was a man who was a medicine man. He knows everything that was going on around here. He knew about suicide and our problems. Then he said you people should leave this island.

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