Remembrance Day at Discovery Collegiate: Part 1

Discovery Collegiate
Bonavista, NF

By: Stephanie (Grade 10)

On Thursday, November 7th, 1996, the students and staff of Discovery Collegiate demonstrated their awareness of and respect for what Remembrance Day in Canada is all about. There were a variety of activities held which aimed to create an awareness of major world conflicts and the cost those conflicts inflicted upon the world. Posters were presented throughout the school, discussions were held in various classes and poppies were worn by students and staff alike.

One major event which was planned and conducted by the student council was a school assembly for all students and staff in the school gymnasium. The interest, support and participation of all was evidenced by the confined space in the gymnasium area. After welcoming everyone, the student council vice-president, proceeded to lead the large gathering through the program. Students and staff were impressed as the Royal Canadian Legion representatives presented their color party at the beginning of the ceremony. All eyes were upon the veterans of the major world conflicts as they were introduced to the student population. The Armistice Day Assembly was made a pleasurable event through the playing of the "Ode to Newfoundland", "God Save the Queen" and "O Canada" by the school band under the direction of Mr. Neil Power, the prayer by the local clergy representative, Rev. Denine Morgan-Tuck, and brief remarks by the school principal, Mr. Albert Trask and the president of the Ladies Auxiliary Catalina Branch, Mrs. June Lodge.

The singing and poetry recitations by a number of the students made the assembly the impressive event that it was, and sparked the interest and support of the student body. This student participation was complimented by the two minutes of silence, the last post, and the pinning of poppies to a cross erected at the front of the gymnasium.

The school assembly, in remembrance of the 11th day, 11th month and the 11th hour was a tremendous success!

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