At the Mall

Presentation Junior High School
Corner Brook, Newfoundland

By Nicklas (Grade 8)

Would you like to have a poppy?
The nice man said,
I saw the poppy shining so red,
And wondered who could say no!
To this man with hair like snow.
I sat next to him, with his table laden full.
So many poppies, but yet so few....
A mall full of people,
Did they all know?
That this nice man, helped this place grow?
Where would we be, had he not gone to war?
Would I even be here? I wonder some more.
I asked him his name, and told him the same.
I helped with his poppies, and thought what a shame.
You should have a loud speaker to tell the world,
all the things you've seen, during the war.
No he said, just telling you makes my dreams come true.
To share my stories to a new age.
Lets me know it won't go astray.
Those days we're fewer and few,
So many of my friends have gone before,
Now their old cronies share their chore.
Maybe someday I'll sit in the mall,
and pass out poppies to crowds from a stall.
I'll share his story with others I know,
to keep up the cause, our freedom will grow.
Lest we forget, those brave men who helped
save our world, and not even boast.

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