Point of No Return

Presentation Junior High School
Corner Brook, Newfoundland

By Jennifer (Grade 8)

Men are marching
Heads held high above the clouds
Of smoke and poison gas
Too proud to think of what lay ahead
Denying to themselves that they know
A tint of shock
Took over fearless faces
That looked down at the bloody mess
In the fields below
One man stumbles
Through the trenches
Dreading the trip to "No Man's Land"
Where so many had gone before
Never to return
Up onto the battle field he charged
Daring to be noble
Sounds of fighting drowning him
A gunshot rang out in the distance
A sharp pain; Hit
A curtain of red fell over his eyes
and all went dark
Suddenly he was above it all
Floating away from the conflict below
And free from all pain

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