What Remembrance Means to Me

Discovery Collegiate
Bonavista, NF

By: Brian (Grade 10)

On November eleventh, our society pays their
respects and pays tribute to the brave war veterans. This day gives everyone a chance to honor and remember the courageous men and women who struggled for peace and freedom. It also reminds us of the gallant efforts by the masses that lost their lives while serving in the horrible wars.

In this busy age, our society takes this time to honour these war heroes. They gather at assemblies in schools and other public buildings where local veterans attend. At these assemblies, there are poems read, songs sang, and dedications made to the war veterans. Many others gather at the war memorials of their town or city to watch veterans, and others place flowers or wreaths in tribute.

Remembrance Day gives everyone an opportunity to remember the bravery of the men and women that battled in the wars. The television specials talk of the war veterans and how they fought for peace and freedom. It gives us a clearer understanding of how much they risked for our lives. Also, the newspaper articles assist us in relating to the perils they suffered during wartime.

Therefore, this day will never let us forget about the fearless labors of those who lost their lives in the past. The poppies that we wear each year represent the unforgettable bravery of the veterans. It signifies pride in our soldiers for their endless efforts. During the two minutes of silence, we remember the family members that had their lives taken in the wars and would never return home.

Remembrance Day is a symbolic holiday for everyone. It reminds us of the daring efforts of the bold men and women who will never be forgotten.

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