Adventure Workshops

Presentation Junior High School
Corner Brook, Newfoundland

By Andrew (Grade7)

In language arts the grade sevens of Presentation Junior High School are presently doing a unit on adventure. On Tuesday, October 29 these students had a real treat. They were able to listen to two guest speakers talk about real life adventures. The choice of which presentations to attend was very difficult since there were eight speakers in all, each with a very interesting topic.

Some of the speakers talked about adventure in their jobs. For example, Mark Tsang talked about his business. He is a wilderness guide in the outback of the island's west coast and southern Labrador. Joe Dicks is a kayak guide and instructor. He discussed how a kayak works and spoke about a few of his kayak adventures. Nellie Strowbridge is a writer. She recently won a national award for her book Tales of a Fisherman's Daughter. She told about her adventures in writing. Constable Smith is an R.C.M.P. officer. She described her experiences in the R.C.M.P. as part of the Musical Ride, an equestrian group that travels across Canada.

Some other guests spoke about adventures just for the sake of adventure. Derick Young, for example, is a mountain climber. He told about climbing mountains in Europe. Marina Eaton described sailing to the Caribbean with her family. Keith Nicol told of a journey down the Labrador coast with award winning author Farley Mowatt.

The speakers had no problem answering any questions students asked. A number of the presenters brought in equipment used in their adventures. Joe Dicks displayed his sea kayak and let a lucky student get in it. Other speakers brought interesting reminders of their adventures. Marina Eaton showed some very attractive sea shells and coral collected on her travels.

The morning turned out to be a very memorable one for everyone. The students realized that they, too, could someday have adventures like the speakers. Students saw that it is possible to combine adventure with work or have adventures just for the fun of it. This was a great learning experience for students, teachers and speakers alike.

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