Dreams I`ve Once Had

Presentation Junior High School
Corner Brook, Newfoundland

By Adrienne (Grade 9)

I dream I am in a battlefield
surrounded by soldiers.The
familiar faces of comrades
and Lieutenants I had once
known are now stained with
the grief of war.They are
strangers to me and so I
appear to them.
I dream I am living in a
strange town during the First
World War.And I sit on the
front porch with my family
awkwardly awaiting the
arrival of the telegram that
would determine our future.
Hoping. Praying.That the
news is good.
I dream I am standing in
Flanders Field amongst the
poppies and never-ending
crosses.Though it seems I am
the only one left and we
are all at peace, it is not
so.For the war rages
inside of me like a fire and
haunts my mind with the
images I have witnessed
in my time. The war is
over.I am living in reality
now.The end has come.

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