Students go online to find scholarships and awards

By Lindsay Mathieson
SNN Co-Editor
Port Hardy Seccondary School
Port Hardy, British Columbia

Student Awards is a free internet program that allows students access to scholarships all over Canada. According to the Chief Operating Officer, Stewart Stein, Student Awards, based out of Toronto, is thee most comprehensive scholarship database in Canada.


The people at Student Awards had researched for roughly one year and a half, before its launching in January of 1999. They scoured every part of Canada for scholarships, including directories, corporations, associations, universities, colleges, charitable organizations and all levels of government.

Stein commented, "Student Awards offers Canadians thousands and thousands of awards." He also stated that it was important for students to apply for as many awards as possible, as many of these scholarships go unclaimed each year.

Stein suggested that there has been a definite shift in qualifications for these awards. Although there are still many academic scholarships, many organizations are offering money to more well-rounded students with leadership skills or volunteer experience.

There is no age requirement to use the Student Awards program, and parents can fill our applications for their children. There are also many bursaries for Canadian students who wish to study in a different country, which is very important as non-citizen tuition fees are far more expensive.

Students can access the free database at, and the French version can be found at Once on the site, the student fills out a personal application, including information about the area in which they live, interests of study, personal hobbies and which schools they are hoping to attend. The program then matches scholarships that suit the student's needs, and it fills out letters with the student's address enclosed to each of the organizations offering the scholarships.

On the application form, the student has the opportunity to fill in their email address, and Student Awards will email them any new scholarships that have just been added to the database.

Currently, Student Awards is working on some exciting expansions, and students should stay tuned for a future announcement.