Picture this...

by Racheal Rempel
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

Waiting in long lineups, checking hair and makeup, and sitting before the camera are all things that almost every student goes through on one special day...PICTURE DAY.

GVC students and staff in Winkler go through this repetitious day of boredom every fall. This day may seem long, but in the end the joy and memories that come from looking at those pictures a few years later will surpass that 'long' day.


"Oh, my word. This line-up is never ending," said Janelle Dyck, after sitting at a table, helping students for three hours. Just as she said, the lines seemed 'never ending,' but at the moment when she was ready to give up, there was relief. "Look! There's an end. There's an end!" Dyck said excitedly.

"Is my hair okay?" Sherisse Penner asks. That question was asked often throughout the course of the day.

"Hold it right there...chin here...sit up straight...now smile...look here...wonderful!" says one of the photographers for the hundredth time. This day would not be possible without the photographers, who spend hours performing the same task.

The lines are very long, but while talking and laughing with friends, the time passes quickly. Once at the front, the picture is taken and the day continues.

While it may seem as though only girls ask the same questions about their features, guys do as well. Everyone wants to look good (or in some cases, not) because this picture will be the memory of that person for years to come.

Much credit is due to those photographers who take the pictures. "I feel like an assembly line," one photographer said. Yet, if there were no photographers, there would be no pictures and no memories.