Asteroids hits Rock Bottom

By Chris Thomas
SNN Entertainment Editor
Elizabeth Wynwood Alternative School
Ottawa, Ontario

Through the commercials they blasted through the tube for weeks on end and the mind-numbing pleasure of the original and highly addictive product, I was sucked into the hype about the Asteroids game and gave it a try.

I must say the load time in this game is appalling. Every time this game starts, it's a ten minute wait, followed by an annoying and repetitive cinema cut scene. The game itself has very little over the original Asteroids. Of course, graphics and sound have come a long way since the archaic days of the Atari but overall there is really nothing new in this product. And here's the biggest shock, it's not even 3D!


That's right, there is nothing about his game that can even remotely be described as three dimensional, other than the short-cut scenes perhaps and possibly the asteroids themselves which were polygonal this time around. The spaceship, which you control, moves on a totally two-dimensional plane, and the camera cannot be toggled to different perspectives. These are features we have come to expect from a game which calls itself to be 3D nowadays, so I think anyone who actually buys this product should be aware that it's really nothing more than a 2D game with some polygons.

It took me about two hours to finish this game on the medium-skill level, two hours of the same old blasting and zipping around that's still very addictive. Each stage is almost exactly the same as the last, with the odd space monster or black hole thrown in to keep things interesting, though just barely I might add.

This one ends in an action-filled stage in which you must defend the earth from a hail of - you guessed it - asteroids and leaves you cursing at the screen as you are given a five-second victory cut scene and your initials are inscribed in the Asteroids hall of fame.

All in all, this game is as addictive as the original without offering anything you would expect from the commercials. Buyer beware! This one isn't worth the money. My suggestion is to find one of the shareware clones at download dot com, or better yet, pop a few quarters into the old arcade game.