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Newtown Elementary
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

By Steven F. (Grade 6)

As most people know, Doom was the one of the first really popular 3D shooter game (at least I think so). There were about four different versions of Doom... Doom, Doom2, Ultimate Doom, and Final Doom. I know a few codes for Doom, like: idkfa - all weapons, keys, and armour, idfa - all weapons, iddqd - god mode, idbehold - almost all items, and that's pretty much all the codes I know for Doom.

If you are trying to download Doom you should check out It's the most popular download site on the net. You could also check out In this game you cannot duck or jump. The monsters are zombiemen, shotgun guys, imps, spectres, bull demons, @#$% knight, baron of @#$%, spiderdemons, and a cyberdemon. Well I guess that's all I have to say about Doom. Oh yea, the main character has a pet bunny named Daisy.

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