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Davis Inlet

Nukum Mani Shan School
Davis Inlet, Labrador, Newfoundland

By Simeon P. (Grade 10)

This community of Davis Inlet is moving to Shango Bay because some people think there won't be enough space for more people in the future and there won't be enough water. I heard the band council saying that there won't be enough water on this island. Sometimes people here go hunting for partridges and rabbits on this island. They can't go too far because the island is too small.

People here now are making a hockey rink. It's going to be very fun for the kids and the recreation committee are now ordering some pool tables and arcade games.

People here need bigger houses. They don't have enough space and not enough rooms for their children. Some of them sleep in the living room and some people live with their cousins because they don't have homes. The band council are now making small houses for the people that don't have houses.

Last month, all the road was done. It was very good for the people who work there. They will continue building the houses next summer and the air strip is going to be bigger than it was here in Davis Inlet. The air strip is not finished; I know they will start working on it next summer.

I hope there are going to be jobs for the high school students there.

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