Roncalli runs local T.V. event

Roncalli Central High
Port Saunders, Newfoundland

By Darren C. (Grade 12)

During the weekend of Oct.16th- 18th a community television program was held by the Red Ochre Board, along with the youth council and students of Roncalli High School, at the Port-Au-Choix Lions club in Newfoundland. The project was to showcase student activity in the area of entrepreneurship, with previously taped interviews of entrepreneurs from around the area.

The event included live feeds from places around the world, such as Buffalo, New York, and Ireland, along with live entertainment and skits which were made possible by students at Roncalli High School in Port Saunders. Todd L., a grade 12 student at the school noted, "It was a great opportunity. We learned many useful skills which will improve our future. An event like this just shows that communities such as Port Saunders can compete with other places in the world."

Videotaping of the event was provided by Extension Community Development with some help from a group known as FINALY, Futures In Newfoundland And Labrador's Youth. Students at the school, along with the school's Enterprise Education class and teacher Don Tulk helped to get this project organized and underway.

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