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Auburn Air is a student media service built around the principle of extending iteself far beyond the classroom and school. In fact, it's known around the world! It has two classroom segments, Applied Broadcast Journalism 441 and Applied Broadcast Technology 431, which combine to produce journalism "about teens, for teens, and by teens" that has won praise across Canada for its service to education, community, and the mainstream media. It also won founder Ray MacLeod the 1993 Hilroy Fellowship for outstanding innovation in Canadian classroom education.

Auburn Air is unique experiential media. It's not students playing at media, it's students doing real media to professional media standards and deadlines. It was featured at the Association for Experiential Education regional conference this April, 1997, at White Point, NS, and was the subject of a workshop at the Journalism Education Association convention in St. Louis in November of that year. The course demands that students participate in real media, working to create materials for our four on-going real media projects:

  • Auburn Today!
    The daily morning closed-circuit television show seen throughout the school is the basic learning ground. Journalists and technicians co-operate to produce live television, covering live and taped events both inside and out of the school.

  • TeenLine
    Found on The Herald Line (902-425-2255), Auburn Air staff have complete control. Youth news, opinions, interviews, and commentaries are programmed daily. It gets over 20,000 call-in uses monthly. All materials are produced by Auburn Air. When the mainstream media wants to find out what youth are thinking, this is usually where they come!

  • Canadian TeenLine
    A youth-issues radio show heard on the web through SchoolNet News. Updated monthly. Auburn Air pulls the best of TeenLine together for a 30-minute program. Lesson plans will be available soon, making Canadian TeenLine not only of interest to teens, but also to media literacy and journalism class units. We want your help to extend our coverage. All you need is a tape recorder and a nose for news! A chance to be heard around the world! A chance to hear the voice of youth!

  • HomeTown Radio
    Auburn Air takes teams of reporters into special events to produce radio materials for stations that would like to be there but can't be. From the G-7 Summit to national youth conferences, from sports tournaments to the World Environment Congress and the United Nations, Auburn Air has covered it. Our students have already been heard in 1997 from St. John's to Nanaimo!

Auburn Air student media service is being looked at across Nova Scotia, throughout Canada, and around the world as unique, stimulating, and worthwhile experiential learning. Be prepared for something different and exciting if you join us!

"media about teens, for teens, by teens"
a member of the journalism education association

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