Canadian teens join March for Jesus

By Jake Dyck
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

Hands lifted up and banners waving in the air as they confess "God, Lord of life," the marchers worship the Lord with all their might and give glory to the most high God. Representing rich and poor and every race, people all over the globe worship together. This was the scene last year at the global "March for Jesus."

The celebration will be held again this year. Over 140 cities and towns in Canada are registered for the march on May 29. The event links the west coast to the east coast and includes such cities as Vancouver, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, and St. John's. Young and old people are gathering together to proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord.

Participants in the "March for Jesus" do not have to belong to any particular church. The goal of the march is to send a spirit of unity around the world. When Christian people worship together, they don't think of themselves individually, but as a collective body.

"It's not about 'marching,' nor is it a 'parade,' says the Handbook for the 1999 event. Rather, it is an extravagant expression of prayer, praise, and proclamation. The March for Jesus allows Christians to join together and to present a message of hope in a new and unusual way. It aims to grab people's attention and invites them to worship together in the streets.

Across Canada there were 117,383 participants last year. The City of Winnipeg alone had over 40,000 participants. Organizers for the 1999 March for Jesus say they expect even more participants this year than previously.