These dreams reveal

By Heather Buffett
I. J. Samson Junior High
St. John's, Newfoundland

If you dream of cooking macaroni, you could a victim of a fraud. Dreams can be mysterious, and always interesting. The meanings always seem to be pushed into the back of your brain. People have come up with all different kinds of funky ways to tell you what they mean. I think you have to look to yourself and you feelings to get a real look at what they mean.

The questions that I kept thinking of while I was researching this topic was " WHAT ARE DREAMS AND WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?" These are the answers I found.

Dreams are the thoughts and feelings you have when you are sleeping. They allow you to fulfill your fantasies that you cannot fulfill in the waking world. Most people I know have sometime dreamt about being famous or being really rich or doing something so far out there that you could never do in real life. Most of us will never do anything like what you do in your dreams. Dreams come from R.E.M. No, not the band! REM is rapid eye movement in which your eyes move really fast back and forth. This has something to do with your brain waves moving differently than when you are asleep.

Day dreaming is a little different then the dreams you have when you are asleep. The most obvious difference is that you are awake!

Most of us do this whenever a teacher starts going on and on about something you really don't care about. You can control everything that goes on in a day dream. If you don't like something you can just stop and start over. I myself like to dream about being on a hit T.V show named *HEATHER* ! Hey we can all dream. Day dreams are truly fantasies.

All dreams use symbols in a way to tell your conscious self how to go through life. The symbols show your feelings towards different subjects. Sometimes dreams are very obvious. One of my friends had a dream where she went right up to the boy she likes and kissed him. In her dream she was extremely different from what she is like in real life. Maybe her dream was telling her to be more daring? To figure out what a dream means you should try to follow your feelings, they are never wrong.

The most common dreams heard of are dreams of being chased, dreams of falling or dreams of being nude in a public place. Dreaming of being chased could be the result of felling that people are always after you to do something whether your parents are after you to have good manners or your teachers always seem to have a new work assignment. It can start to fell like you are being chased all day everyday. Experts say that dreams of being nude in a public place can be caused by feeling vulnerable or over exposed . Maybe someone found out something that was meant to be a secret. Flying dreams are really common dreams although I myself have never had one. Flying dreams can make you feel high like you are on top of the world. Most people love having these dreams but some people are scared of them. These people may be afraid to " rise above" . Many people dream of falling. These dreams can be really scary. If you are scared maybe you could let yourself just fall to see what will happen. Are you afraid of failure ? Dream specialists say this could cause falling dreams. They also say that falling dreams can also mean that you need to get your feet planted back on the ground.

Dreams are what you make them. They are fun and interesting they don't have to be anything more. J. August Strinberg sums up what I think about dreams in just five words. "I dream therefor I exist" Think about that and just enjoy the dreams . They don't have to mean anything unless you want them to.