Life Troubles

By: Meghan Roy
Westgate CVI
Thunder Bay, Ontario

I didn't even realize that she was that depressed, until I receive that call from her mom telling me that she had killed herself. She was my best friend, and now I would never be able to talk to her again. The only way I can visit her is by starring at her grave stone with her favourite flowers covering that dirt. If only I had seen the signs; maybe, just maybe, she would still be alive.

Teen suicide seems to be a common thing in society today. Every day a teen takes their life in a desperate way to get out of the life that they feel is so bad. Instead of seeking the help they need, they avoid it and take the easy way out. They never consider the consequences of their actions and the affects that it will have on the people around them. Teens that consider suicide are usually depressed and you may or may not see the signs. A teen that is depressed has many of the following symptoms loss of appetite, closed, quiet, lack of interest in things. Teens who are feeling depressed should seek help wherever they can, before they do something they will regret. It has been proven in some cases that a teen who tries to commit suicide wants to live, but they end up dying because of what they did to themselves. Think about this for a moment you are a teen that has just swallowed a bottle of pills, you now realize that you want to live. You are lying on the floor struggling for each breath, then at your final moment you shed a tear and wish that you had asked for help.

Teen suicide is the third-leading killer of teens today. If you are considering suicide or you know someone that is please call a help line or talk to someone before you do something you will regret. Suicide may seem like an easy way out, but in the end it hurts everyone. Teen Help can help you. Please call 1-800-840-5704 or see the school counsellor.