What Life Would be Like

By: Meghan Roy
Westgate CVI
Thunder Bay, ON

I keep asking myself what life without my grandfather would be like, only I can't seem to find an answer. I always thought that he would live forever I never even imagined that something like this could happen to someone as special as him. I suppose when you're a child the idea of someone so close to you dying seems like an impossible thing, but here we are. He may not survive and we have to try to survive without him.

I still remember him calling me his little Turkey and now he may never call me that again. I'll never forget how all the grand kids would pile into his truck and we would drive up the street to the corner store. I remember how we use to sing " You are my sunshine". Every time I think of that song I can't help but smile and cry. The things that will get us through his sickness is all the good memories that we all have of him. I am glad that I have a Grandpa as good as him and I only wish that he had listened to me when I said smoking can kill you. I may have been only a child but look how right I was.

I hate having to visit him in a hospital room and listening to him cough and seeing him with oxygen because without it he can't breathe. I hate how he looks so helpless just lying there in that bed. The family is trying to be strong, but it is so hard to be strong when you know what you may lose. I wish I had broken more than one of his cigarettes because now they are taking him away from the people that love him the most.

I want people to read this. I know that many people in this school have no sympathy for what other people go through. I am not looking for sympathy. I just want to show how much pain smoking causes. If my Grandpa never smoked, he wouldn't be lying in a hospital bed and my family won't be trying to hold back the tears because there would be no tears.

I know that smoking is a game to most teens, but guess what - it is a game that is going to kill you. So go ahead, puff away. Just remember that with every puff, it takes you closer to a hospital bed. I will never smoke because I am experiencing first hand the side affects of smoking, I may lose my Grandpa forever. The pain of seeing my Grandpa in a hospital bed is far greater that any criticism I may get from writing this story. I hope that this true story will make at least one person quit smoking. It will make all the difference to me.

This is dedicated to my Grandpa Carson that is experiencing first hand the reality of smoking.