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Teens & Alcohol

By: Christine Haines & Jane Nunes
Parafield Gardens High School
Adelaide, capital city of South Australia

An Australian survey has revealed that 65 per cent of teens between the ages 13 to 18 are illegally drinking alcohol, on average, every month.

The Australian media has reported this story with huge headlines, posing the question whether the legal drinking age should be raised - but they are missing the point of who is at fault. The fact that so many teens are drinking is not a reflection on teens - it's a reflection on Australian society.


If teens see alcohol being consumed regularly in the home, there may be a chance they will follow in their parents' footsteps.

On a wider level, if alcohol is glorified in the media through television, radio, newspaper and magazine ads, then it sends the same message to everyone - teen, adult or child. The Media shows that drinking is a way of having a good time. Also the companies make some products more appealing by mixing soft drinks and alcohol such as "Lemon Ruskies" and "U.D.L."

We need to be educated more on the consequences that effect us, when we drink. Drink driving ads won't stop a lot of us from drinking since a lot of us don't drive. The ads that will affect us are the ‘choices" ads which are made by the government and aimed at us.

Teens have been brought up believing that drinking is fun and something to do on a Saturday night, so they shouldn't be the only ones blamed for their actions.