Junior Reporters

Smoking takes away precious minutes

By Tiffany Pangburn
Ormsby School
Edmonton, Alberta

Smoking- people know it's bad for them, so why do they do it?

It's the same with drugs, but smoking tobacco isn't illegal. I think it should be, or maybe cigarettes could just…disappear!

People smoke for many different reasons. The number one reason why people smoke is to calm them down from stress. Others do to looe weight or just because they got addicted. I think that's dumb.

If people can get addicted so easily, and they know so (especially high school teenagers), then why try them? I mean, smoking kills 45,000 Canadians. There is an estimate of about 400,000 Americans a year, and about 50,000 non-smokers die each year.

One cigarette takes away five minutes or your life. Some people may think that five minutes isn't very much. In a way they are right, but in this case they're wrong. Five minutes of your life is very important. Think about it ... five minutes! Just remember…THINK, DON'T SMOKE!!!!!