Movies helps teens bond with parents

By Jonathan Claassen
Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

I know personally that finding things to do with your parents can be tough. It is often hard to find the time to actually spend quality time with your parents. I feel that movies are an excellent way to spent time with your mom, dad, or even both.

Both of my parents are involved in the school system and are usually done work at five. I, on the other hand, have school until four and have either volleyball or basketball practice after school. I try to spend at least one evening a month with my parents instead of my friends. Movies seem to be the best way to interact with my parents.

I feel that I'm pretty lucky because I enjoy a wide variety of movies. When I'm alone with my dad we often watch mob movies or some other kind of action flick. When I'm with my mom, I usually let her pick the movie because I know how she doesn't like a lot of killing. Comedy is what brings my whole family together. I feel that laughter is what we all need to escape our stressful and overwhelming lives.

I feel it is important to involve your parents in your life when you're growing up. I know that they want to interact with you also. You may feel like your parents are boring and you can't find anything to talk about so do what I do and watch a flick! You never know, you might just enjoy doing something with your parents.