Hockey "hit" by violent attack

By Jordan Romano
Hope Secondary School
Hope, British Columbia

Marty McSorley of
the Boston Bruins

Hockey fans around the world were shocked to see the vicious act at General Motors Place by Marty McSorley on the Canuck's Donald Brashear.

The two enforcers had already gotten into a scrap and the game was tight. In the end the Canucks looked like they had the game in the bag. They were winning 5-2 and there was only around 2 seconds left when McSorley came across the blue line with his stick held high and with a baseball type swing smoked Brashear in the side of the head, knocking him unconscious immediately.

"I didn't even know what happened," said a groggy Brashear from his home. "It looked a lot worse than it was. "

McSorley went before the NHL Vice President Colin Campbell who laid down a record 23 game suspension and quite possibly more.

McSorley, who has been in the NHL for 17 seasons, has been rumoured to be thinking about retirement.

Players around the league have also been appalled by the attack. One of Brash's favorite scrapping partners Georges Laraque of the Oilers said "I know I've had my battles with him, but this is something that you don't want to happen to your worst enemy." He also said "I would never allow him to play again," "I wouldn't even let him enter a rink."