Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Kevin F. (Grade 12)

Flying birdies, smashing racquets, and the taste of victory is what spectators find when they watch the Zodiac Badminton club in action.

Even though the Garden Valley Collegiate team has a problem getting enough people out to fill all the positions, it still has about 10-20 competitive players involved in badminton this year. The majority of these players are male. There are very few female players, which makes it hard to make girls singles, doubles, and mixed doubles teams.

The team plays in about ten tournaments each year. A number of these tournaments are small and are against such schools as Morden, Carmen, Miami, and Altona. In the bigger tournaments, held in Carmen (Areas, Regionals, and Zones), badminton players have to qualify in the top four to go to the next tournament. In the past, the Zodiacs have had people make it to the provincials and the strong team this year is expected to do well.

Practices are held about twice a week for the first couple of months. Once the team get into season play, practices are held three to four times a week and are about two hours long.

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