Sweet-tooth break-in foiled

Bishops College School
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Jennifer Tipple (Grade 12)

Students were met with surprise and confusion on the morning of Monday, February 8. While rumours ran rampant throughout the school, it was eventually discovered that Bishops College had been the target of a break-in the night before.

The culprits were two males aged 16 and 18 who don't attend Bishops College. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary apprehended, arrested and charged the two teenagers that day.

The break-in was discovered after the two tripped the school's alarm system. They broke a panel of glass in the outside door between the main lobby and gymnasium. After that, they attempted to smash the plastic of the vending machines by throwing rocks at it. It was a fruitless attempt and they were forced to try the cafeteria instead. Once in the cafeteria, they filled two garbage bags with potato chips and chocolate bars.

When the police finally did get to the school, the search was easy. All they had to do was follow the trail of wrappers! With help from their dogs, Storm and Jerry, they realized that the two culprits had taken refuge in the ceiling of the third floor.

Getting them down from the ceiling didn't take much coaxing. The flimsy structure of the metal bars and cardboard-like tiles could not support the weight of the two gluttonous thieves. They fell through the ceiling of Ms. Toope's homeroom, room 303, narrowly missing several computers.

Let that be a lesson to anyone who tries to break into our school again!

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