Paving the parking lots

Garden Valley Collegiate
Winkler, Manitoba

By Gina B. (Grade 12)

Have you ever just polished your boots and had to park in a mud puddle called a "parking lot"? If this story sounds familiar to you, you must be a student at Garden Valley Collegiate in Winkler.

Year after year--spring or winter--students at G.V.C. come to school and literally park in a big mud puddle. For many, if not all students, this is very frustrating. You come to school wearing nice clean pants and shoes and, as soon as you step out of your car, you step into a giant mud puddle.

Students do not understand what the point of "resurfacing" the lot was during the past summer. It is even worse than before. There are now so many potholes that when you drive through, you feel as if you're in a boat. Not only that, but you also feel as though your car will bottom out and fall apart.

If the school division is going to spend all the money to resurface the lot and only make it worse, they may just as well pave it. In the long run, it would pay off. The way things are now, we will have to close both parking lots in the spring because it will be too muddy to use them. Where will we park then? On the streets? There is only room for a certain number of cars on the street--not all the cars from two full parking lots.

The school division and the school board need to put some serious thought into paving the lots. If we cannot afford to pave both, at least pave one.

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