Bishops College School
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Georgia Black (Grade 11)

Talking to your cats? Screaming along to loud music? Hurtling objects across the room? Are these really the best methods Bishops College students in St. John's have for relieving stress when exam time rolls around? Some students revealed that actually writing the darn things revived them back to their normal perky selves. Ten per cent of Bishops students who were surveyed in January during the mid-term exams, said that absolutely nothing helped alleviate the stress caused by exams. The most common easements of stress for Bishops College students were listening to music, talking and/or hanging out with friends, and actually studying for the exams.

According to the January poll, 50 per cent of grade 10 students are anxious about their exams, while a whopping 81 per cent of grade 10 pupils get stressed over their mid-terms, and 70 per cent of grade 12 students fret over their mid-term evaluations.

When then asked the question whether or not mid-term exams should be scheduled for before or after the Christmas break, 32 per cent of those surveyed thought they should remain as they are, while a huge 68 per cent thought they should be pushed before the break. Of the per cent, most argued that the Christmas vacation would be enjoyed a lot more if they didn't have to study, saying that it ruined the holiday and their chance of relaxation.

There is no one definite way to help relieve stress, according to physicians, thus we all need to find our own ways to deal with it. The most commonly used approaches include relaxation techniques, and exercises.

Relaxation techniques incorporate deep breathing, quiet settings, alternately relaxing and tensing muscles, meditation, and yoga exercise.

Physical exertion distracts the mind and releases tension. Some researchers believe that exercise conditions the body to better cope with stress-inducing situations. They recommend that exercise should be done for at least twenty minutes, three times a week.

Everyone needs to find their own way, or ways, to alleviate the stress caused by exams. Although physicians can offer suggestions, you are the one who holds the key to relieving the stress.

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