Hazel McCallion Senior Public School
Mississauga, Ontario

By Geoffrey Legault (Grade 8)

If you think about it, we humans are doing pretty well. Today we have such marvels as T.V. and robots able to think for themselves, when only 50 years ago no one could have dreamed this possible. Imagine then for a moment what the future holds for us. As a society we are already so advanced that the future of technology should be intriguing. In 25 years time, picture people able to communicate from the moon to the earth instantly, without delay, and perhaps in a time difference of nanoseconds. How about satellites that are able to transfer messages across endless space instantaneously? No longer would anyone be isolated from the world with information and relatives just a few seconds away via satellites.

Imagine us, able to peer into the earth's crust, and pinpoint locations of precious minerals and metals. Perhaps, after assembling this information, we could gain a higher and better understanding of our past.

Teleportation is already a reality today and although right now we can transport only light, in 25 years time the ability to teleport people may be a reality. No longer would we need any type of vehicle and no longer would car accidents or plane crashes be a threat, we would just dematerialize and reappear anywhere our satellites could point. Not only would this be a safer way to travel, but this could advance exploration into space. Like all things, technology can be both good and bad, depending on how we use it. Technology brings people together and develops our minds, and as long as we continue to use it wisely, the future of humanity will surely be a good one. In 50 years time perhaps.... oh, wait, I almost went farther then I was supposed to, I'll just leave the imagining to you...

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