Bishops College
St. John's, Newfoundland

By Allison Purcel (Grade 11)

Two hundred million dollars! That's how most critics see Titanic - a ridiculously expensive, over-produced Hollywood blockbuster. Before this movie, I shunned Hollywood's way of overspending on effects and offering a meagre script with a sappy love story inappropriately thrown in. Then I saw Titanic. It is the most exceptional movie I've ever seen! I don't know what makes it so special, but there's something there.

It starts in the present, and for about twenty minutes it sets the stage for a flashback. As the wreck of the ship fades into the impressive replica of the ship, circa 1912, one is immediately drawn into another world, not to emerge for another three hours.

The time passes unbelievably quickly; even the most cynical filmgoers will be in awe, at least of the period costumes and the ship's accurate decoration. The developing love between the two young leads is captivating as well, and as the film goes on, many social inequalities of the time are brought up rather symbolically.

This movie can be described as nothing less than beautiful, at least in the eyes of all those hopeless romantics who are now obsessed with Titanic - I know they're out there, because I'm one of them!

Everyone will like Titanic, whether you're into love stories, action, historical or any other type of film.

Take my advice, SEE IT! Brave the crowds, pay the eight dollars - you won't regret it.

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