There is no difference

Hazel McCallion Senior Public School
Mississauga, Ontario

By Aakash Patel (Grade 8)

Do you ever wonder if your parents wanted you as a boy or a girl, or if they wanted the opposite gender offspring? In 1977, an American study using a national-sample, over 1500 married women under 40 and 25 per cent of their husbands were asked whether they wanted boys or girls. The sex preference was clearly boys, almost twice as many women preferred boys as preferred girls, and three to four times as many men preferred boys to girls. These statistics are shocking!

When parents who are biased against having a girl and have one, they're usually disappointed, but they shouldn't be. They should be happy they created a healthy life. When a baby is born, the parents must make a commitment to raise him or her the best they can.

Parents usually want boys so they can continue the family name. Years ago, the woman had to take the name of her husband when they married. Now a woman can continue to use her family name if she wants to so parents shouldn't worry about it.

Another reason why a man would prefer to have a boy is because he might want them to be a good hockey or basketball player. Now with the WNBA and women's hockey on the verge of getting their own league, the father can have a girl and have the same expectations as he would have had with a son.

What would happen if a family got a girl when they wanted a boy? Would they put her up for adoption or would they keep her? If they kept her, they probably wouldn't raise her properly and she would have a low self-esteem or she would feel second class. She might even observe the way her parents raised her and raise her children the same way.

In my opinion, if a parent prefers a certain gender they should not be a parent at all.

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