Homework Policies

Vernon River Consolidated,
Vernon River, PEI

By Terri P. (Grade 8)

I'm a grade eight student and I think that the people in junior high, here at my school and probably many other schools, have too much homework. I know, myself, that we have a different teacher for every subject and, many times, each one will give us a project that will be due the same day as another project that another teacher has assigned. I find it really hard to keep up with some of my school work at times. Each class here at my school has two no-homework nights. The kids in the grade get to pick the two homework-free nights. This gives us a night with no homework, which is supposed to help us. It really doesn't because then the next night we will have a double load of homework.

When our homework isn't done, we get a card. First card is a warning, then detention, then calling home, and then after school detention. When you get as many as five cards, it can lead to a suspension. The cards get cleared roughly every six weeks.

To help us, teachers could discuss what they will give us the next day so our work will be spread out and we won't end up having a project due in each subject on the same day and they could take it a little easier on the card system.

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